Q: What exactly does a QuickCast digital display network consist of?

A: The system we install on site is a network of industrial strength digital LCD screens placed in high traffic areas such as waiting rooms and common areas in healthcare facilities. Content is driven by one of our off-site servers and is controllable by any of your authorized personnel through an easy to use, web based interface.

Q: What kind of content does your system play?
A: Our system educates, informs and entertains viewers through a cycle of animated and/or static text and graphic programming featuring news, weather, sports and public awareness information, along with health relevant advertisements.

Q: What does a QuickCast system allow healthcare facilities to do?
A: Our system is an effective communication tool for your organization. It allows you to:

  • Display messages for patients, visitors and staff in real time
  • Educate viewers about facility services and to highlight points of interest
  • Reinforce your brand and build confidence in your organization
  • Deliver timely information throughout a complex in the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances
  • Have a say in the kind of content that is shown within your facility, with a high degree of customization options

Q: Does it cost anything to install?
A: Installation costs are covered primarily by the advertising revenues generated by the system. QuickCast Media Ltd. supplies and installs all the infrastructure that is required for the network to function, except for basic utilities expected to be on site (specifically electricity and heat). If a client facility wished to install a display unit in a location that required significant infrastructure upgrades in order to be viable, cost sharing options can be negotiated between parties on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How much technical support does QuickCast Media Ltd. offer?
A: As much as you need, at no cost to you – which is one of the primary premises of our solutions. QuickCast Media Ltd. Is a Canadian based IT firm, creators of world classed specialized software and media solutions, we offer unprecedented on-site support for all its clients around the world. Unlike some of our competitors, the core technology that drives our system is not outsourced to a third party — it’s all been thoughtfully engineered and thoroughly tested by our experienced team of IT professionals so that you have solutions that continue answer your requirements on an on going basis.