Our Vision: Something New, Something Better.

Today, patient wait times are at the forefront of public concern when they think of healthcare. A visit to the hospital, clinic, doctor’s office and even a pharmacy can be a stressful endeavor. Our belief is that because visitors to a healthcare facility already carry the burden of their own health concerns (or of someone they care about) that every effort should be made to make their wait inside as positive as possible. That’s where QuickCast Media Ltd. comes in.

Unlike traditional media like magazines, television and radio, a QuickCast digital display network does more than distract visitors from the stress at hand — it engages them with content relevant to wellness.

Advantages Over Traditional Media

QuickCast Media overcomes many of the other limitations of traditional media, especially as they relate to a healthcare environment. For instance, it offers something for everyone, cycling through up-to-date news, weather, sports, health trivia and public awareness messages. Not every television or radio program appeals to everyone, and they last anywhere from ½ hour to an hour or more. Then there’s the issue of sound levels — a television or radio program is often too loud or too soft to either be enjoyed or tolerable. Although fully capable of high definition video and sound, our system can be made visual only and still be understood, eliminating the stress of too much noise or the frustration of not being able to hear a program.

A New Source of Revenue For Health Centres

Revenue is generated by advertisements that appear intermittently in our program schedule. Every advertising dollar earned pays a percentage dividend to the facility in which our system is installed. As a further incentive, advertising that is relevant to healthcare concerns is given top priority, and the stakeholders of the healthcare facility have a say in what kind of advertising appears on its system.



Dr. Vic Premsagar

Peter Davis
Vice President, Infrastructure and Support,

Dan Cormier
Director of Operations,

Prasanna Arunagiri
Manager – Sales and Business Development,
QuickCast Media Ltd.

Matthew Gray
Director of Business Development,
Atlantic Health Advertising